Earth Hour – “An ongoing movement”

It is already 1,5 years ago that I prepared a presentation about the work of non governmental organizations for a Masters course in Germany. Since then I have always tried to keep updated with one certain project: Earth Hour. Now as discussions on the power of social media and individual agenda setting rise ‚Earth Hour‘ appears as an excellent example of global movement.

Earth Hour started as a campaign developed by WWF Australia and the advertising agency Leo Burnett Sydney with the working title ‚The Big Flick‘. As researches about climate change frightened and frustrated people, ‚The Big Flick‘ was supposed to produce not fear but hope. The idea behind the ‚Earth Hour‘ campaign was to show that everyone can be involved and can take part in actions to care for the planet on which we all live (“We all live on one planet”).

Three years later, on the 31 March 2007, Earth Hour set a mark which – I guess – had never been expected by the campaign producers. ‚Earth Hour‘ was supposed to become a national event, however countries all over the world had been touched. Hence ‚Earth Hour‘, local event which started only in Sydney, turned into a global movement. Weiterlesen